Before Google, there was Gran

How did children find information before the invention of "Hey. Google"?

"Google has long been the go-to place for people to find answers to their burning questions, but governments across Australia are backing a new initiative encouraging school students to ditch the famous search engine in favour of asking grandparents questions."

Some of the exchanges between youngsters and the older generation are as follows: 

Charlotte Fox, 11, asked her grandma what it was like living with caveman. Hilarious, Chrissy Wilson Fox replied: “You’d have to ask grandpa that one.
Coco Belyea, 7, wanted to know why her Poppy Brian had grey hair.
“Your nana made my hair go grey,” he joked.
For nine-year-old Billy Kilburn, he was curious to know what TV was like when his grandmother grew up.
“My goodness, we didn’t have TV when I was your age, “his gran Judith replied.

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