Teens Supporting Seniors

In this time of the pandemic, the a lot of our communications with the world outside are heavily reliant on technology. Thankfully, a group who call themselves "Teeniors" based in Alberquerque, New Mexico, are offering their services to help guide Seniors well into the 21st century.

Click the link to find the article: https://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-metro/teeniors-to-offer-senior-citizens-technology-lessons/

Change is the Only Thing That Remains Constant

We love seeing how times have changed, and how far senior living has come. Today's article showcases how senior homes have since advanced with the times, and we must say, we are loving it!

Click the link here: https://azbigmedia.com/real-estate/heres-how-senior-living-facilities-are-changing-with-the-times/

Time to Lift More Weights!

Today's article shows the correlation between muscle mass and longevity of life. Please note that although it is an informative and interesting read, we do not recommend taking on any new form of physical activity without the prior approval of your consulting physician!

Find the article here: https://www.worldhealth.net/news/muscle-mass-study-shows-seniors-may-add-years-life-lifting-weights/

Bringing Joy Through Art

As you would already know, we at SilVR Adventures love a good story that talks of kindness, of artistry and bringing joy to the world, especially to the world of the elderly.

This one is no different.

Benhur Helwend has, for the last 6 weeks, been exploring a new kind of performance at an aged care home on Sydney’s north shore. Depending which way you look at it, either Helwend or his audience members are behind glass. This is window therapy – a way of engaging elderly people with the arts (and a good singalong) while physical distancing restrictions are in place.

For more on this heartwarming tale, click here: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/jun/03/the-initial-reaction-was-just-joy-window-therapy-brings-light-to-aged-care-residents

A Hug in a Mug

In the time of this pandemic, how can a daily cuppa make things better?

Well, according to Laura Seabright, a London-based teacher, she and her family have enjoyed afternoon tea every single day since the restrictions were put in place, and it has only brought them closer. 

Juggling kids and a job while under pressure from the enforced quarantine, afternoon tea with family sure sounds like an amazing way to stay connected and regroup when things feel a bit overwhelming. 

For the full story, click the link: https://coach.nine.com.au/diet/why-drinking-tea-might-help-in-a-crisis/627801b5-ba8e-485a-b8ed-213a551114f4

Before Google, there was Gran

How did children find information before the invention of "Hey. Google"?

"Google has long been the go-to place for people to find answers to their burning questions, but governments across Australia are backing a new initiative encouraging school students to ditch the famous search engine in favour of asking grandparents questions."

Some of the exchanges between youngsters and the older generation are as follows: 

Charlotte Fox, 11, asked her grandma what it was like living with caveman. Hilarious, Chrissy Wilson Fox replied: “You’d have to ask grandpa that one.
Coco Belyea, 7, wanted to know why her Poppy Brian had grey hair.
“Your nana made my hair go grey,” he joked.
For nine-year-old Billy Kilburn, he was curious to know what TV was like when his grandmother grew up.
“My goodness, we didn’t have TV when I was your age, “his gran Judith replied.

The Government is in on it too..

On helping the elderly in the time of the pandemic, that is!

"As the country’s most vulnerable continue to isolate or shield themselves from, technology is proving to be a lifesaver in keeping older folks connected. Charities of all kinds are now stepping up and finding ways to support older people through the pandemic, using the power of the internet and a host of digital devices and apps. Here’s a look at what some charitable groups are doing to help older service users reap the full benefits of staying digitally connected."

Click the link to read more on how the Age UK has stepped up and provided guidance for the elderly in their time of isolation to further understand technology and its benefits: https://charitydigital.org.uk/topics/topics/how-charities-are-helping-the-elderly-with-digital-7522

Life Saving Connections

In light of the tragedies happening around the world, we have decided to focus on areas that shed light on the greatness of humanity. Not to say that we are remaining silent throughout the chaos that seems to have divided countries across the board - we are simply choosing to use this platform to maintain a sense of hope for those who need it.

Having said that, the story we are sharing today spans generations, and shows just how important social connections are, even amid the isolation.

Click the link for a feel good story of mutual gratitude and relationships that keep our elderly alive:

Teens Supporting Seniors

In this time of the pandemic, the a lot of our communications with the world outside are heavily reliant on technology. Thankfully, a group ...