Three Cheers for the Volunteers!

Hip, hip, hooray!

We love a good story that warms the soul, especially on a cold winter's day.

It's been hard to come by the kind of people who stick around despite the world seemingly paralyzed with fear and anxiety, so when we read about a group of many many generous hearted humans, of course we thought it was prudent to share it with all of you!

Read about how this Aged Care celebrated all 550 volunteers who have remained in touch and active in the community against all odds:

As Featured on SmartCompany!

Our CEO Colin Pudsey, was interviewed by a writer from Smart Company and gave him a full length feature as he spoke of the changes we are expecting to see and the growth we are predicting in the future. Read on to find out how we are helping the elderly fight isolation and battle loneliness in this pandemic, and the importance of gathering in a group as we take them on adventures.

Thanks for the feature, Smart Company:

A Solution for Aged Care Layouts?

In this crazy time, there's a lot of thought that is going into finding solutions to battle the sadness that comes with the isolation that is forced upon the elderly - for their own safety, of course.

Though we at SilVRAdventures believe we have one of the best solutions for said problem, there is also no substitute for feeling a home in a space that is created for wellness in a time where there is a lot of fear and anxiety.

Click the link below to read more about a proposed solution to changes that can be made in the physical layout of an elderly community centre:

A Taste of Holidays

In this article, they ask the question that has been on our minds: will Virtual Reality replace travel in the foreseeable future?

As much as that may seem like a leap (as outlined in the article below), given the circumstances, we believe that this is an option that  makes for limitless possibilities and may help those who miss travelling in the time of this pandemic.

A Fly's Perspective

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a fly looks like? Well, wonder no more!

We have found an article that sheds light on the quirky perks of virtual reality that go beyond travel and adventure: it has now allowed science to reveal the life cycle of a fly!

Link here:

I Am Robot... Friend?

We have recently come across this news clip that showcases an AI robot who is being pioneered to keep the elderly company, using tehcnological advancements to be able to "communicate" with the isolated, even reminding them of doctors appointments, and with the capability to enquire as to how they may be feeling.

This may be a solution for some, but we want to know what you think? Click on the link below and let us know in the comments!

Random Acts of Kindness

Students from a public school located in Ontario, Canada, have reached out to their elderly community by sending pieces of handmade creations lovingly crafted as a reminder of love.

The children who took part in this thoughtful gesture had previously made connections with residents prior to the pandemic when they would visit the aged care homes as part of a school trip.

Read more about this intergenerational connection by clicking the link:

Keeping Fit in Lockdown: Senior Edition

We at SilVR Adventures value your health - mental as well as emotional and of course, physical. 

With the way things have been, it must take a toll on everyone with regard to finding the motivation to get moving - so we have found a great article to help get you on your feet, with something called "exercise snacking"! 

Upwards from the age of 40, a lack of movement leads to deterioration in muscles. According to this article, "research shows that 10 days of bed rest can lead to the equivalent of 10 years of muscle loss in older people". Insane, right? 

Thankfully, this article outlays a few key tips on exercises that will help reduce the risk of muscle loss in the older generation. Get started here:

Virtual Reality and Mental Illness

Being that May is mental health awareness month, we wanted to shed the spotlight on a wonderful new study that involved a study which showed the correlation between the positive effects of Virtual Reality on a user's mood, thus aiding in suicide prevention.

We at SilVR Adventures have seen firsthand how our Virtual Tours have been able to help bring communities together, give our clients courage to try new things and really enjoy sharing experiences with their friends and family.

This study (found below), reiterates just how much virtual reality, when tailored correctly to clientele, can truly help shape the quality of life of those who give it a chance.

For the full article, click the link:

Virtual Reality: Bringing Churches into Homes

There has been a rise in levels of loneliness as isolation continues globally, and for some, going to church has become as simple as walking to the living room and live streaming a mass through the television screen. 

But for many others, when travel is imperative to accomplishing what is written in their holy laws, it was disheartening to feel as though a trip to their blessed lands was just not going to be possible. 

Here is where virtual reality steps in. Through special arrangements made with the governing bodies, a crew from Wahi 360, armed with several camera rigs and a whole lot of heart, managed to film a 9 minute clip that allowed Muslims to visit Mecca this Ramadan. 

"In the midst of a global health crisis, Muslims are having to observe Ramadan in a new way. But thanks to new technologies, films like “Wahi,” mean they will not let the virus get in the way of their faith."

For more on this story, click the link:

When You Can't Get Into the Pubs..

Bring the pubs to you!

We at Silver Adventures live to bring you stories from articles that are informative, entertaining and most of all, up to date.

This particular one comes to us at a time when we have been reduced to drinking at home, or for others, reduced to no drinking at all due to alcohol bans across the country in which they reside.

Tristan Cross is one of the latter. In a desperate attempt at normalcy, he managed to recreate his favourite pub called Skehans in London - and even added his virtual mates to join him there!

For more on this story of creativity, click the link:

Therapy.. Alpacas??

We have all heard of therapy dogs: specially trained fur friends who know how to offer emotional support, how to prevent self harm, and how to call on help in an emergency. There are even dogs who are trained specifically to sense certain illnesses like cancer and diabetes. 

But have you heard of Therapy Alpacas? According to the article we have linked below, therapy alpacas are a real thing, and they can be found spreading support to the community in California. 

While the usual animals that offer what is called "cuddle therapy" are included in the Humane Education Program in the United States, these two ambassadors from Helen Woodward Animal Centre’s Education were chosen to visit an assisted living home specifically to bring a smile on people's faces in this otherwise lonely and isolating time. 

I think it's safe to say that it worked wonders, but unfortunately, not every retirement village and aged care centre has the rare opportunity to come face to face with these magnificent creatures! 

It's a good thing we at SilVR Adventures have the capacity to take you anywhere in the world then, and that includes up close and personal tours with pretty much any creature you can imagine. 

Enjoy more of this story by clicking the link:

Sharing Our Attitude of Gratitude

We are taking a breather this morning to simply acknowledge the efforts of everyone at the frontline - and although the depiction below shows those who work in hospitals, we also wish to call attention to those who have tirelessly served us at the tills of the grocery stores, who continue to teach our children in schools or remotely, who show up to childcare every day to give our grandchildren a sense of normalcy in these really confusing times. Thank you also, to the loving and compassionate aged care workers, who have not stopped to think about themselves and instead make their way into centres all over the world, ensuring our treasures, our parents, our great grandparents are looked after. 

We stand together, and stay home to keep you safe. 

Thank you! 


Technology and.. the elderly?

Well, that's certainly not two words one would usually string together. 

However, given the current situation, it seems that technology and the latest developments in the aforementioned may be the solution to the issues at hand when it comes to loneliness and isolation. 

Technology has been found to hold the power to link people to wider community and activities which are beyond their regular circle. A report by IBM on loneliness in older adults outlines the major role technology plays in driving positive change. It says, “The COVID-19 pandemic only heightened the need for technology as a key part of the support mechanisms.”

There are a lot creative ways to stay connected with our loved ones, especially through the advances at our fingertips. One of the main benefits we find at SilVR Adventures is that engaging the elderly community in travelling and sharing experiences in a group allow for a stronger sense of courage and camaraderie. 

For further details on this article that outlines other benefits of using technology to support the lonely, elderly and islolated, the link is here:

Teens Supporting Seniors

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