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Thanks for the feature Springwise!

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Thanks for the feature Anthill!

What's the reaction to seeing the Northern Lights again? See for yourself :)

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SilVR Adventures - Group virtual reality for aged care residents - How it works...

SilVR Adventures - How it works...

Sessions are good for up to 10x participants and we take residents on a shared experience, allowing them to overcome mobility and health constraints and to create new memories with their friends.Fully trained, professional facilitators oversee each session. VR headsets and the facilitator's tablet present the same content, but participants control where they look within the experience.We diligently prepare educational & engaging content for each session, plus the capability to fulfill resident’s requests such as revisiting childhood homes and countries they have always wanted to travel to or revisit.We deliver services at your facility and bring everything required. There is no need for any specialist training, additional hardware or set-up. See more at:

Quick clip from one of our recent fun sessions!

These adventurous folks proved it's never too late to share new experiences - lots of fun had on a group camel ride exploring the Pyramids of Egypt!

Are you ready to make a difference in your facility?

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This is why we do this... SilVR Adventures

The most rewarding part of what we do - listening to the positive feedback from seniors after a session.

Edward's lifelong dream was to visit the Pyramids:
"I never thought I would live to see it. I'm stuck here now, in this chair, and today you've taken me straight to Egypt. How amazing."

Mario, 88, during first SilVR Adventures group session:
"I forget everything in the last 50 years. What I talk to my wife, everything I FORGET. But I never forget you. I never forget this. I never forget today. This was amazing. Thank you."

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Old age: Why 70 may be the new 65

According to a new piece on the BBC, experts say it may be time to rethink how old age is measured and defined in the UK because more people are surviving into their late 80s and beyond.

The Office for National Statistics team says although 65 has traditionally been seen as the start of old age, 70 could be seen as the "new 65".

That's because many people who reach this milestone birthday can still expect to live another 15 years. Remaining life expectancy may be a better marker of old age, they say.

What do you think? Is 70 the new 65?

We are often amazed at the incredibly youthful spirit of aged care residents in our group virtual reality sessions and certainly believe age is just a number!

You can see more on the article here:

For now, we'll leave you with a very interesting graphic showing health by chronological (birthday) age has improved over time.