Aged Care Enrichment Podcast S02E01: Creative Arts and Nature in the American Aged Care System - Dr. Michelle Olson (Evergreen Minds)


*NEW EPISODE AVAILABLE* Aged Care Enrichment #Podcast and today’s guest is Dr Michelle Olson,.

Michelle is a Social Gerontologist and Creative Arts Therapist currently based in New York, and she’s worked extensively as a consultant to #agedcare providers and individuals throughout the US to help them provide better more appropriate care for #elders.

Of particular interest to Michelle are the benefits that time in nature and participation in the arts can bring to older adults especially those living with #dementia, and she recently founded a not for profit called Evergreen Minds, Inc to offer some group activities that embrace these elements.

In this episode we dig quite deep into Michelle’s practices with #arts and #nature, as well as some more specific information about the American Aged Care system and some of the challenges she’s seen in furthering a person centred approach.

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