Dementia Breakthroughs and the F1 Attitude - Dr Penny Moyle, Dr Kunle Bademosi & Dr Andrew McKinnon (Race Against Dementia)


The Aged Care Enrichment #Podcast is back with Season 2 and kicking off with a bang; three guests for this first episode on behalf of Race Against Dementia – Sir Jackie Stewart’s charity helping kickstart #dementia #research across the globe.

Joining the show is Dr Penny Moyle, the #CEO of Race Against Dementia. She has spent over 20 years working in the field of business psychologist and has been with Race Against Dementia (or RAD) since 2018. Penny shares her story, RAD’s mission and introduces two new post-doctoral fellows whose research has been funded by RAD and Dementia Australia.

Those fellows are Dr Adekunle Bademosi, who’s researching the physical changes to the brain caused by fronto-temporal dementia, and Dr. Andrew McKinnon who’s investigating the relationship between sleep and the onset of dementia.

It’s a jam packed episode, as we explore what it could mean for the future of Dementia treatment and prevention.

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